mardi 7 janvier 2014

Exclusive: Christian Siriano dresses 'The Pirate Fairy'

The story follows the fairy Zarina, who joins forces with pirates led by a seemingly charming cabin boy (voiced by Thor's Tom Hiddleston) — who becomes the villain Captain Hook in this pirate baddie origin story.

 Move over, Jack Sparrow, the pirate world is about to be boarded by a new fashion conquerer.
Zarina from Disney's upcoming The Pirate Fairy has an impossible-to-beat combination — designs by Christian Siriano in his first foray into animated films and a look based on Christina Hendricks, who voices the character.
 "It just so happens that I work with Christian all the time, he's done many of my red carpet dresses, and even on my little fairy we're still working together," says Hendricks. "The look he gave Zarina is absolutely beautiful."
Siriano, 28, season four Project Runway winner and breakout star, has designed outfits for everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Jennifer Lopez. But he jumped at the chance to design for The Pirate Fairy. The latest chapter of the Tinker Bell franchise, an offshoot of Peter Pan, heads for international theatrical release and on Blu-Ray in the United States on April 1.

 "Zarina transforms into this pirate fairy so I wanted her to be edgier and cool," says Siriano of the design. "I wanted this character to be fashion-forward."

Zarina Costume Sketches by Christian Siriano for the animated motion picture "The Pirate Fairy."

Via USA Today

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