dimanche 9 mars 2014

[Review] Dreamworks Mr. Peabody and Sherman is fast, funny and smart

 Rating: PG
In this 3-D action-adventure animated film, Ty Burrell voices a talking super-dog named Mr. Peabody, based on a character that appeared during The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Mr. Peabody's invention accidentally alters time with his invention the WABAC machine, and along with his adopted son, Sherman (voiced by Max Charles), must hurry up to fix the machine before all of time and history is permanently altered.

 It's a really cool movie for the whole family ! In fact, it's a perfect mixture of fun, adventure and (emotions)!

We're introduced to the movie by Mr. Peabody (a talking dog and the smartest ever). First, he introduced himself and his inventions...then, he presented Sherman, his adopted boy.
 In Mr. Peabody and Sherman, the animators used a 3D cartoon style to animate their characters. Personally, I find this choice very interesting and also really cool. In effect, Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie is based on the old cartoon TV show that has the same title...
Mr. peabody and sherman is all about family and relationships.

I really enjoyed all the characters but Sherman was my favourite : Sherman was not enough perfect but he's really friendly and kind. He's (not a liar :) ) optimist and he got sometimes some brilliant ideas ! Big Spoilers I loved Sherman because it's a loving character and he do whatever necessary to save the people he loves :especially when Mr. Peabody "was lost" in Ancient Troy, Sherman decided to go back home with thje WABAC and took the risk...Spoilers end

Mr. Peabody and Sherman 's ending was  heartwarming.
This latest Dreamworks animation studios movie was a very very fast, smart and funny movie. I really enjoyed it and it's now added to my best animated movies' list !!! It’s not the greatest animated movie but it was good enough for me.

M.A's Mr. Peabody and Sherman review: ★★★

Mr. Peabody and Sherman is fast, funny and smart

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