mardi 10 décembre 2013

Meet the characters of the new Disney movie "Big Hero 6"

Hello !
Today (after seeing Frozen) I am so exited about the next Disney movie Big Hero 6 and I would like to share this article with you !

1- You might meet the characters of our new feature :

Hiro Hamada


GoGo Tomago


Honey Lemon

2- Storyline:
Set in a fictional metropolis called San Fransokyo (a portmanteau of San Francisco and Tokyo), Big Hero 6 will be centered on a young prodigy named Hiro Hamada, and his self-created robot Baymax, both of whom uncover a criminal plot and must join a team of inexperienced crime fighters, including Wasabi No-Ginger, Honey Lemon, GoGo Tomago, and Fred.

Don't forget to take a look at the logo of "Big Hero 6" 

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