jeudi 29 mai 2014

Rihanna has done 12 songs for the DWAS movie ‘Home’

According to DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, “Rihanna has done 12 songs for the movie ‘Home’. It’s not supposed to be a musical : The characters don’t sing and dance in the movie itself. But it is the soundtrack of the film and the songs have been written very specifically for key scenes in the movie.

The movie is apparently being released on March 27, 2015 instead of November 26, 2014. According to
Madagascar spinoff The Penguins Of Madagascar is moving up from March 27, 2015, to a Thanksgiving week bow of November 26. It’s switching places with Home, the aliens-hiding-on-Earth tale featuring the voices of Jim Parsons, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Martin and Rihanna.

Here's The official Synopsis:
An overly optimistic, yet inept, alien race named Boov, led by Captain Smek, invades Earth to hide from their mortal enemy and make it a new home. Convinced they are doing a favour, they begin to relocate the human race, but one resourceful girl, Tip, manages to avoid capture. When on the run, she is accompanied by a banished Boov, named Oh, who has accidentally notified the enemies of his whereabouts.

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