lundi 12 mai 2014

Elsa From Disney's Frozen is Coming To ABC's Once Upon A Time

Disney and ABC are not wasting time to bring Elsa from Disney's blockbuster Frozen to the TV series "Once Upon a Time." In Fact, The final seconds of the season three finale revealed the first look at the live-action character will be coming to the show in Season 4. You can check out the footage below:


The show's executive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz said her story will be based on the movie and not the original fairy tale, in their interview with  The Hollywood Reporter :

 Horowitz: We are dealing with the world of Frozen. We are honored to be allowed to do it. We loved the movie. We fell in love with it when it came out last year like everyone did and we want to do our best to do it justice.
Eddy Kitsis: [What] we loved so much about the character of Elsa was that she was considered a villain but she never really really was. She was misunderstood. That, on our show, speaks to us so strongly, that it was a toy we had to play with. It’s funny because I see lots of people [saying] “Oh! Did Disney ask them to do this?” It’s quite the opposite. It’s actually quite hard to get these characters on the show. It’s not like you get a call from Mickey Mouse saying, “I want you to sell mermaids this week.” It’s the opposite. It’s very hard to get these. We were very honored that Disney allowed us to take this toy off the shelf and let us play with it.

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