lundi 17 mars 2014

‘The Pirate Fairy’ Short ‘Pixie Hollow Bake Off’

As it turns out, the new short, which features Food Network personality Giada De Laurentiis as a pixie chef named Geleta, will actually be part of an exclusive bonus DVD of Pixie Hollow shorts sold by Walmart,
 According to the Amazon description of the book adaptation of the short, ‘After Tink challenges Pixie Hollow’s culinary superstars Gelata and the Baking Fairies by referring to the art of baking as “just tinkering with flour,” our favorite fairies must use their talents to help Tink in a high-stakes, head-to-head bake off, with the winning cake featured at Queen Clarion’s Arrival Day Party.’

The short has already aired on the Disney Channel in the UK with local personality Lisa Faulkner in the role of Gelata.
For more information on the Walmart exclusive edition of The Pirate Fairy or to pre-order, visit its product page.

Here's a preview shown at The Disney Channel :


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