mercredi 5 mars 2014

Angelina Jolie is ‘Maleficent’ in the new EW's cover

In the case of Disney’s Maleficent (out May 30), the whole world pretty much agreed Angelina Jolie should play the black-horned bad-girl. ”It is really funny when people say you’d be obvious for a great villain,” she says with a laugh (not a cackle).

In this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, the actress gives her first in-depth interview about Disney’s revisionist take on Sleeping Beauty, which retells the classic folk tale from the wicked point-of-view. “The exercise wasn’t how can we have fun with a villain?” Jolie says. “It was: What turns people evil and vile and aggressive and cruel? What could have possibly happened to her?”
In the wide-ranging conversation, Jolie also discusses Unbroken, the true-life tale of World War II heroism that she directed and is currently editing, and addresses the cancer worries that led her to undergo a preventative double mastectomy last year — penning a New York Times op-ed afterward about the experience, hoping to inspire and encourage others facing such a choice.

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