jeudi 17 octobre 2013

Eclusive New Fantastic trailer for the new Disney 'Frozen' (UPDATE)

That's what I called a trailer...a real trailer..JUST watch please.. it's a new and fantastic one !!!


 Elsa is not the monster that the townspeaple fear she was ! She had just a secret...a big secret...

 Elsa don't live in fear anymore because she just 'let it go'

Kristoff with Anna

  "Elsa ; Stop this winter,please." Hans said
"Don't you see. I can't" Elsa replied

In this new trailer, we saw some new footages featuring Prince Hans! He is really awesome but he still mysterious...

Experience the greatest Disney Animated Event

 We saw Olaf dancing with baby trolls, too ! I love them! There are the most adorable creatures.

 The Music
In this new trailer, we can hear a part of Anna's song called "For the First Time in Forever"

I think this was the lyrics :

"For the first time in foreverI’m getting what I’m dreaming of

A chance to change my lonely world

A chance to find true love

I know it all ends tomorrow

So it has to be  today

And for the first time in forever

For the first time in forever

Nothing’s in my way


 Frozen opens in theatres November 27, 2013

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