jeudi 10 octobre 2013

Discover the artists of the new Disney Movie : 'Frozen' (The CGI Iteration Wins Over Hand-drawn)

 Watching demos of character animation, it's clear that whether it's polygons or ink and paint, the fundamentals are the same its about performance and emotion. In early character animation we saw hand-drawn overlaying CGI with key poses because it's the quickest way to get the animators work in front of the directors.

From character design to early animation, hand-drawn takes the lead. There are even animation effects in the finished film that are still hand-drawn. So why is the finished product CGI? The key word is iteration.

A cool demo they showed was of a real-time virtual camera similar to what's used in films like Avatar and Tintin. The directors are able to do hundreds of camera setups in a few hours. Hand-drawn has no equivalent to this iterative tool.


Frozen hits theaters November 27, 2013


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