samedi 28 septembre 2013

Five New ‘Toy Story of Terror’ Images - "Angoisse au Motel" : les nouvelles images

 After a Combat Carl action figure briefly appeared in the first Toy Story, a figure from the fictional line of toys almost made it into Toy Story 3 but was left on the cutting room floor. Now, Combat Carl is getting his time in the spotlight with a larger appearance in Toy Story of Terror. Pixar also went creative in the casting department by choosing Weathers, who starred as Major George Dillon in Predator, to embody the character.

We are now less than three weeks away from Toy Story OF TERROR!, Pixar’s first television special. Although the project is not quite as large as a feature film, the 30-minute special is still a significantly larger production than the shorts the studio releases every year. More importantly, this will provide us with the largest opportunity to spend time with the lovable cast of toys since the release of the finale of the feature film trilogy, Toy Story 3.
                                                                             Thanks to Pixar Times for the informations

Dans une quinzaine de jours, les studios Pixar dévoileront au public américain leur tout premier moyen-métrage : Toy Story : Angoisse au motel. L'occasion de retrouver les personnages de notre saga préférée pour une toute nouvelle aventure, dont je vous propose de découvrir les toutes dernières images, mais aussi celles que nous avions déjà dévoilées jusqu'à présent.
En France, le film a enfin une date de diffusion : le 11 novembre à 20h35 sur Disney Channel !

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